The Top Ten Free Gym Membership Tips

If you are looking to save money on your gym membership, get a cheap gym membership, or even get a free gym membership, then you will need to look at a variety of factors in your individual situation and do a little homework. This doesn't mean it has to be difficult, however. If you follow these top ten gym membership money-saving ideas, you are sure to be ahead of the curve and get a screaming deal at any health club.

  1. If there is a neighborhood that is within a driving distance to where you live that is also in a lower socio-economic class, then you don’t want to rule it out. Just because it is in a poorer neighborhood, doesn’t mean it will be run down, dirty, or dangerous. You can get prices at 50% off in many of these areas.
  2. The last time that you want to go to the club for your well-planned scream-of-a-deal fitness membership is January or September. You don’t want to be there when demand and prices are high. Look to visit the gym during their slowest seasons.
  3. Be prepared to fill out a personal information form. Don’t lie on the form, it won’t help you. If you avoid filling out forms or getting into conversations, the employees of the club are going to just treat you like a number, rather than a human, and you won't even get close to fettering out a good deal.
  4. Make friends with the front desk. Strike up a conversation that puts you on their side, and encourage them to tell you about themselves and the club.
  5. What was that girl’s name again? Always get, remember, and record the personal information for the club personnel that you meet. This information is critical later.
  6. Make it a family affair. Get your spouse to go on these adventures with you in order to collect information faster, work a family deal, and leverage the “spouse” objection to your advantage. You can’t make a final decision without them.
  7. As simple as it sounds, you need to write down your goals and be very clear about what you want your outcome to be. You can't hit a target that you aren't even aiming at, and knowing what you want is the first step in searching out the information you need to find a great deal.
  8. Actively find something you and the sales person agree with. Find your common ground and ask questions that result in a yes response.
  9. When it comes to negotiation, or simply unearthing good deals in the first place, plan on creating and fostering win-win situations with everyone who works for or is a member of the gym you are thinking of joining.
  10. Meet with your favorite personal trainer outside of the gym environment to get them relaxed and able to offer you the real deals (like on-the-side deals).

There you have it, ten quick tips that will set you way above and beyond the average gym-goer who is stumbling into the health club without a clue and will likely be taken for all of their money. Don't let that be you. Go in prepared. If you want more great tips like this, along with the strategies that make them effective every time, then check out my Free Gym Memberships Book.