Table of Contents

Free Gym Memberships Book Table of contents


PART I. Prepare Yourself for Maximum Savings on a Serious Investment


  1. How Much Can You Save?
  2. Know Your Enemy (Understanding the Fitness Industry)
    1. Seasonal Cycles (and how to take advantage of them)
    2. The Sad Truth (of human nature and membership usage)
    3. The BEST time to get your deal of a lifetime (Time the market!)
    4. Professional and Not-so Professional Fitness Salespeople (and how to play their game)
  3. Choosing a Target Health Club
    1. Geography and Demographics
    2. Use their Marketing and Advertising for Your Benefit
    3. Do Your Homework on all clubs in your area first
    4. Choosing a personal trainer and mentor

PART II. Get the Best Deal Going… or CREATE one


  1. Mindset, the Ace in Your Back Pocket
  2. 101 Idea Tools for your bargain-creating toolbox
  3. What to do if you are already locked into a membership
  4. What to do if you already have a personal trainer

Final Thoughts