Free Gym Memberships: How To Get An Unbelievable Deal On Your Gym Membership

Getting a free gym membership is all about your perspective. I have a simple concept that will help you to get a great deal. If you master the basic concept, then the techniques will make more sense. The following concept is from the Forward in the Free Gym Memberships book...

A young man came walking down a path towards a town, when he encountered an old man. “What kind of people live in the town up ahead?” inquired the boy. The old man pondered the question for a moment and then replied, “Well, what kind of people reside in the town you come from?” To which the boy said, “Oh, where I come from the town is full of cheats and thieves and no-good scoundrels that will take every opportunity to ruin you and steal the shirt right off your back.” After a brief pause, the old man reported to the boy, “Yup. That is pretty much the type of people you will find in the town up ahead.”

A while later another boy came up the path to the old man. The second boy asked the man, “Sir, what kind of people live in the town up ahead?” To which the old man replied, “What kind of people live in the town you left?” The boy said, “Well, sir, in the town I come from the people are kind and friendly, and will give you the shirt off their back if you need it.” The old man simply looked at the boy and said, “Yes, boy, I reckon that is exactly the type of people you will find in the town up ahead.”

Moral: You will find what you are looking for. In my fifteen years in the fitness industry, I have seen everything and heard everything. The stories that stick are usually the ones that are the ugliest. Anywhere money can be made, you can expect to find some sharks and some snakes. The people who foster long lasting relationships, however are the ones who create the opportunities to make honest money in the first place, and then build careers upon solid opportunities and relationships.

My purpose in this “health club exposé” is not to belittle all those fitness sales managers that are driving to increase fitness club sales. It is not to berate an industry that provided a living for me for many years. Rather, it is to help the average consumer steer through the muck and the volatile pricing of the ever-changing health club environment to make sure that they get exactly what they want: an opportunity to achieve their fitness goals at the lowest cost and with the least impact on their financial well-being.

Health and finances are linked. Good health can contribute to your ability to improve your finances. Good finances can help you enjoy your health.

If, however, you paid:

  • $300 to “enroll” in a program that promised you health;
  • An additional $78 per month for your ongoing dues;
  • $45 per month for your spouse;
  • $29 for each child;
  • Not to mention the $25 “processing fee”;
  • And the $5 increase in inflation dues because they upgraded the equipment (they cleaned the old stuff and moved in some other old equipment from their other, newer club);

Only to find that you:

  • Only used the club for the first three weeks;
  • Your spouse never got around to going after the initial visit;
  • And nine months later your children are not even aware there is a membership;


Does this sound like an exaggeration? How about paying “only” $500 for the entire year for your entire family and then never using the membership? Don’t think this hasn’t happened many times over! I am here to tell you that if you ever paid more than $250 for an entire year membership, you paid way too much. In fact, in this book, How to Get an Unbelievable Deal on Your Gym Membership, you will learn so many sure-fire, rock-solid methods of getting ridiculous deals in health clubs that you may find yourself having a blast getting in the best shape of your life without ever paying a dime.

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