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If you are serious about saving money, you need to realize that most people spend more time studying auto purchases than they do their health club membership. People will analyze every tactic and method about a car lot, read consumer digest, and study everything they can get their hands on about buying cars, but never once think about the impact that health costs can have on their lives! I know how we can change that; by illuminating the real cost of health. A gym membership alone can cost someone anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 in an adult lifetime if they are going alone without paying for family. That's enough to buy a pretty decent car! Now add all the additional services and products that we all inevitably purchase when going through the process of being exposed to the fitness industry! Personal Trainers, Supplements, Massage, Chiropractic, child care, spa and salon services, workout equipment, clothes, and/or accessories, and the lifetime value of you as a customer is huge! This means you may be flushing entire car or mortgage payments worth of cash right down the toilet and not even getting what you are paying for.

TIP #1
NEVER, ever pay a joining, membership, or processing fee. Start by never taking the first deal offered to you. In fact, never pay a year in advance, unless you are paying under $15 per month with no other fees.

I learned over the years that most gyms fail if they don't have trained sales people that are experts on finding your hot buttons and pouring on the pain of your guilt about being out of shape. Many of them will even try to push you past, or breeze by the contract (or conveniently not show you back of a contract) so that you sign quickly and perhaps you won't notice all the rights you are signing away. Even month-to-month contracts can be manipulated to actually extract an automatic 3 or 4 months from you if you aren't careful. This would automatically cost you $120 to $200.

Will I get in trouble for revealing this information to you? Probably! Will I get sued? Maybe! Do I care? Absolutely not, just as long those seeking to get the upper hand in a notoriously under-handed industry get what they deserve: A MORE THAN FAIR DEAL!

This means YOU can and will save so much money from this one book, that it will be one of the best investments you make in monthly budgeting. How much are you spending right now? If you answered zero, then you are probably not in shape! Do you have to spend anything at all? The answer is NO. You can lose fat, build muscle, and workout to your hearts-content for next to nothing with the tools-of-the-trade taught in this Insider's Manual.This isn't another "how-to" article you did a search for on Google. This isn't a "special report" that some guy that works out has decided to post on some forum that only applies to his hick town in Nowheresville, USA. This is an authoritative guide written from my experience. I am the same guy that would be training the guy that is going to try to hard-sell you on paying too much for that membership.

This time, however, I'M ON YOUR SIDE!

Here are some of the topics discussed in How to Get an Unbelievable Deal on Your Gym Membership:

  • How to Get Free Gym Memberships
  • How to Get Discount Fitness Club or Gym Memberships
  • How to Get Out of Your Gym Contract or Health Club Agreement
  • How to get a free Gold's gym membership
  • Wow to get a free 24 hour fitness membership
  • How to get a free LA Fitness membership
  • How to get a free Bally's membership
  • How to Avoid Fitness Scams and Cons
  • How to get out of your gym contract
  • Fitness Industry Exposé; the Inner Secrets of the Gym Business
  • How to Become a Reverse Fitness Sales Expert: How to sell them on giving you what you want
  • 101 ways to get a gym membership deal
  • How to Choose the Right Fitness Club for You
  • How to get the best deal at your favorite club
  • How to Get Deep Discounts on Health Club and Gym Memberships
  • How to Get free personal training
  • How to Get Discount Personal Training
  • How to Find Highly motivated fitness consultants, and how to boss them around
  • DON’T JOIN a health club until you read this!
  • How to Lower Your Gym Dues
  • How to Create a Deal on a Gym Membership
  • How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Gym Membership
  • How to Get a Free Gym Membership and Free Babysitting
  • How to Find CHEAP club memberships
  • How to never pay for your gym or personal training again

These insider secrets are not available in most circles because the fitness industry powers-that-be would just have a fit if they knew they were being revealed. This could literally unwind their entire system of grabbing as much money from you as they possibly can, and put the money back into your pocket, so they don't want you to know this! This would remove their gold chains and their red BMW convertibles if you use it. It will force them to become exactly what they fear: Good, honest businessmen who are destined to serve you and give you a fantastic deal.

The newly revised edition of How to Get an Unbelievable Deal on Your Gym Membership is fresh with updated resources, a complete 101 opportunities to save, as well as more local deals and specific how-to. Even with the first edition, you would be saving hundreds. See the table of contents

Now, with the most recent edition, I am offering a fantastic opportunity to have this cutting-edge information at a severe discount (of course I would have to offer it to you at a discount)! This information is worth thousands of dollars to anyone that applies it. In fact, it cost thousands of dollars to compile, required a niche career path to create it, 12 years to master, and some serious guts to reveal it to you.

The entire master system is available for only:

Nearly free!

For less than HALF (a small fraction) of the cost ...of what most people pay for only 1 month at the gym, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars month after month after month from here until forever!

Can you imagine putting in the kind of time and energy it would require to get this information using trial-and-error? Why reinvent the wheel? It would cost you an entire career change and/or years of wasted time. Even for someone who works at a fitness club, this is the perfect choice. No one wants to take the time to relearn this type of information and study all the competition. Instead, here it is, in one concise book.

Take back your money and make more with it. It's your best investment.


Free Gym Memberships: How to Get an Unbelievable Deal on Your Gym Membership

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