The (2nd) BEST time of year to get a gym membership

Stupid "Cheap Membership" Internet copycat websites...

Gold's Gym Christmas special Internet advertisement revealed

How many times have you seen these type of Internet gym ads?

So today I was perusing the Internet looking for more ways to save people money on their gym memberships. All you have to do is google "cheap" or "free" and "gym and you get a ton of bogus stuff out there claiming to help you. The funny thing is that those sites didn't even exist until this one started getting a lot of traffic. Then the copycats jumped on board and offered "useful" information. Ha! What a bunch of garbage. Most of the "secrets" these sites give you are just basic run-of-the-mill negotiation tips. Now, don't get me wrong, those are good things to know first, but is it really useful for real-world application? Hardly. You obviously will need to tailor that information to this specific industry and these specific situations. In fact, here are 5 great unique tips that you can use right now to get a cheap gym membership:As with many things in life, negotiating a lower price for your gym membership takes savvy, knowledge and confidence. Here is a taste of a section from my book that offers specific tips to assist you with your negotiating process.

  1. Say "I'm not paying that, but I will pay this $X." Their options are then to:(a) return a counter offer, which indicates negotiation is an option, (b) similarly accept, (which probably means you offered too much), or (c) let you go.
  2. Tell the gym you’re interested in you’ve found a deal $X cheaper and could just give them your money instead.
  3. Will the gym benefit from having you as a member? If so, use it as bargaining tool. Tell them you can bring in other members or will purchase and wear logo branded products.
  4. Would you be willing to write a positive review about the gym for a local newspaper, magazine or Internet article? This kind of PR pays off big time for the gym.
  5. For a reduced fee, offer to sign up your significant other or family.
  6. If you are able to, offer to pay for the whole year up front if they give you give you so much off.
  7. If you don’t like the price they are quoting you, get up and leave. They have your information, so wait for a call within a week and you
    1. can bet they’ll offer a lower price.
  8. Are you really tight on money? Give an example of this and be prepared for a discount.
  9. What is the initiation fee used for, anyways? Do they really need such a fee when you’re committing to pay $X per month?! Ask what the initiation fee is used for. Use this topic as a basis for negotiation. Let them know you don’t want to pay the initiation fee. The same goes for other fees, including “processing fees”, “key card or fob activation fees”, etc.
  10. Agree to the initiation fee if they throw in a free month or two of membership (or a waived “processing” fee). This is only done if you fail at getting all joining fees waived completely, which should always be attempted first (see item #9).
  11. Before you go in, shop around and know what other deals are available. Do not accept the first price they give you. It’s not a fixed price. It’s more like shopping for a car where you can haggle with the price.

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But all of this is silly without the biggest tip I can give you. TIME THE MARKET RIGHT!

In some markets, we are approaching the very BEST time to get a free gym membership (or a great deal at the very least). In other markets this is the 2nd best time. Either way, if you are looking to act... ACT NOW!

Watch this video to find out how to do this...

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